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The ultimate iOT platform for factories and manufacturing optimization

Data acquisition

Data management

Machine learning


Predictive maintenance

Push notification



Mobile friendly

Link technology to your business

Learn from the past, optimise current performance and predict the future.


Large enterprises already use this technology to optimise their business process. FACTORYWISE makes it scalable and therefor accessible for small and medium companies.

Create you own custom dashboard within minutes

With the clickable solution, you can easily customize your own dashboards. No code experience is required. Present your realtime dashboards at big screens in your manufacturing process and everyone is always up to date with the latest information.

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Our vision; We connect to everyone, and everyone can connect to us.

Create visual reports with FACTORYWISE widgets

With our fancy looking widgets, you can create stunning reports & dashboards. No papers are needed anymore, and everything is in available in real-time.

Security is our top priority

Our vision is Cloud manufacturing without losing sight of the critical spearheads of local processes. Security is always our top priority and with Cloud techniques we can take this to an even higher level.

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