Monitor the quality of the manufactured products

Reduce product development costs by up to 50% and operating costs by up to 25%

The effectiveness of a production line stands or falls with the quality of the end product and thus the satisfaction of your customers. By continuously comparing the end product with the desired quality of the end product by means of, for example, visual material, products that do not meet this standard can be identified before they are sent to your customers.

With predictive quality, you can

Reduce product
recalls and scrap

Improve yield
and traceability

Increase customer
satisfaction and

Identify quality issues
before they cascade
down the production

By implementing QA techniques, we save more than 200K annually and this is just the start of it.

Marcel Van de Braak

Better quality leads to better business outcomes

Taking a simple photo of each end product improves the quality of the end product.

A small sensor can do a BIG job

With “predictive quality control” feature it is possible to take quality assurance to another level and forecast the quality deviations and eliminate waste by taking an action before a defect has actually occurred.

This is achieved by the platform constantly analyzing telemetry data from various sensors and establishing baselines (patterns) of what is considered to be normal behaviour by using machine learning.

Should deviation from the baseline be detected (equipment temperature or vibration level goes up, let’s say 10%) the platform executes the pre-programmed action to either send notification or take a corrective action thereby preventing the defect from occurring.

Scalable solution

Predictive quality in combination with our manufacturing platform is the ideal combination for a scalable and robust solution. With a few simple clicks, you have your first solution live, and you can start increasing the quality of your product. Start measure each step in your production process, and we grow with you. Our solution is endlessly scalable.

More than 30 cameras are used to take pictures of the end product and store them in a cloud portal for analysis.

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