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Synadia SiteWise & Grafana

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Automated all your process around manufacturing machines!

We connect everything to each other, and we do not shy away from any challenge.

At Synadia, we never shy away from any challenge. Connecting technology to the cloud makes the possibilities endless. Industry 4.0 is often seen as the key enabler for innovation and ultimately successful & sustainable growth.

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The benefits of Smart-Factory

Cloud based solution

Smart-Factory is a tailor-made cloud-based platform with modular building blocks. With this modular solution, we have the ability to easily develop and launch current and future features. Making it possible to perform over-the-air updates with minimum downtime.

Real-time dashboards

With real-time dashboards, you get a clear overview of what is relevant for you and your process. Because our dashboards are cloud-based, they can be visualized wherever an internet browser is available.

Webhooks & API

APIs and webhooks allow you to be in direct contact with your manufacturing process. From your own ERP system, orders can be automatically sent to machines without human action being involved. The operators just need to press the start button, and your order will be produced. Once the order has been completed, your ERP system will be notified.

Native & Cloud apps

IOS & Android apps allow you to automate specific processes. The operator performs certain actions utilizing questions on the telephone. By using the camera to take a picture of the end result, you create a waterproof process. Also, the phone can be expanded with an extra barcode or RFID scanner.

Self-learning system

Machine learning can be used for many different applications, one of the things are recognizing specific objects in a photo. Through machine learning, we generate a model that others can compare to determine whether the product meets the requirements. The difference between traditional vision applications is that we continuously teach the model. Every new image will make the model more robust.


Linking cameras with real-time data can help provide insight into processes to optimize them even further. Also, cameras are used to take pictures of processes to be able to perform a quality check in real-time or afterward. In some cases, we connect more the 6 cameras to each other to create one big picture.

How connect machines to our smart-factory?

As AWS partner, we integrate factories secure to the cloud.

As an official partner of Amazon Web Services were able to deliver the highest quality what is possible in the manufacturing world. Big company’s like Volkswagen are already implementing building blocks from AWS.