Our experience with Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

With the help of CloudFormation and Terraform Synadia is able to utilize infrastructure as code (IaC), and, as a result, provide automation technologies for creation, provisioning and management of AWS resources to its clients. At Synadia we practice IaC in every project we execute.

The benefits

By removing the manual component, engineers are able to refocus their efforts towards other deliverables, hereby making Synadia more profitable and cost-efficient.

  • cost reduction

  • speed

  • risk remediation

  • better security

Reduce time-to-market

Achieving automation with AWS CloudFormation and Terraform leads to faster execution and aims at providing visibility to help our engineers to work quickly and more efficiently and decrease time-to-market required to release new application features or applying changes.

Reduce risks

Automation also removes the risk associated with human error, like manual misconfiguration; removing this decreases downtime and increases reliability.

Ability to create on-demand environments for testing new capabilities, regulatory changes or enabling laboratories for innovation.


Case study

It was a pleasure for Synadia to further help Electron with a new set of fresh challenges to be solved.

Synadia is proud AWS Consulting Partner

The Amazon Web Services Partner Network is the global partner program for AWS. As Consulting Partner we are focused on your success, helping you as a customer to take full advantage of all the business benefits in the cloud that AWS has to offer. Talk to our certified experts and discover if AWS might be interesting for you.