We offer you a quick onboarding, building smart factories with AWS technology, we pay you a fair cost rate. When the corona-storm is over, we’ll negotiate a better hourly rate.

AWS Overcapacity? We can help!

Taking into account the pandemic caused by the coronavirus and the impact for all of us and our businesses. We believe that creative entrepreneurship is critical to surviving together!

If your business is hit directly by the results of the “lockdown”, we as Synadia might be able to help you to avoid part-time unemployment or even worst having to let go of your talent.

And If you currently have AWS certified developers, architects, data scientists or even business analysts with AWS experience, we might be able to temporarily hiring your employees, until times change for the better again. Rest assured, we as Synadia currently work 100% remotely, so there is no risk for exposure, and your employees can work from home or your office!

Interested? We would like to hear from you and together we might be able to find a creative way of working together. We firmly believe that in the highly uncertain coronavirus lockdown situation sharing resources can be ‘essential’ not only to business survival but can lead to growth and prosperity.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us and work together in these uncertain times.

All the best,

Synadia team

Synadia is proud AWS Consulting Partner

The Amazon Web Services Partner Network is the global partner program for AWS. As Consulting Partner we are focused on your success, helping you as a customer to take full advantage of all the business benefits in the cloud that AWS has to offer. Talk to our certified experts and discover if AWS might be interesting for you.