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We develop custom software solutions.

We link technology to business applications. Automate & connect every step in your manufacturing process.

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We are an independent software & hardware integrator with #tech skills

At Synadia, we never shy away from any challenge. Connecting technology to the cloud makes the possibilities endless. Smart Industry 4.0 is often seen as the key enabler for innovation and ultimately successful & sustainable growth.

Expertises & Services

Turn your factory into a smart manufacturing environment. Together we create a solid base, add intelligent cloud-based software and help you optimise, predict & innovate with real-time data.

Our cloud-based applications reassure that any process becomes more efficient, reliable & accessible. Want to launch a new concept or improve an existing process? The possibilities of the cloud are virtually endless.

Cloud dashboarding provides insight into sensor, machine and factory data. Synadia’s TV module ensures that operators are informed in real time. If KPIs are not met, the operator will be immediately notified. Want to motivate your operators to make the most of your factory? Then get to know our ‘game module’!

Go live

A Synadia Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is designed to help factories digitise and innovate their logistics processes. We connect every type of machine and process with our Smart Industry 4.0 solution.

Make sure you minimise disruptions and downtime. Via our smart service solution we offer remote support. Any urgent issues that require on site assistance? Our team is happy to help.

Get starter with gathering data from manufacturing processes.

“At Synadia, we suggest gathering information from multiple data sources and taking advantage of machine learning models and visualisation platforms to uncover new ways to optimise processes. This is the first step in linking manufacturing processes with ERP & MES systems”

Remi van Wijngaarden

Synadia SiteWise & Grafana

Customer #cases


Cloud manufacturing 4.0

A stable and future proof production line that increases production rates at scale.


Medication dispensing

Innovative dispensing machines for the pharmaceutical sector.


Beer from the cloud

Simplify your bar management with the ‘Dashbar’ operating system.

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