Smart Factory

Nowadays we want processes to be perfectly matched. Piles of paper, downtime and maintenance belong to the past. And we don’t want to check things manually at all! Is this your biggest wish for your organization?



Forget thinking about servers when you build and run applications and services. Reclaim time and energy that you can be spent on developing great products which scale and are reliable. Sounds like a plan?


we explore in a variety of branches






Transport & Logistics

Cash industry

Food industry


Beer from the cloud

From now on the draft beer is counted exactly, they get a sign when the beer tank is empty and the glass can be filled easily with one touch on a button.


Pills in pouches

The ‘Medmaster®‘, services accurate dosing of medicines. The innovation for pharmacists. The existing system was based on technology from the eighties.


Door solutions

The Synadia Smart Factory software made the machines of ConDoor Door Solutions smart and efficient. How? By letting the machine determine the process with the Smart Factory software


Synadia is proud AWS Consulting Partner

As Consulting Partner of Amazon Web Services we are focused on your success, helping you as a customer takes full advantage of all the business benefits that AWS has to offer. Why we choose AWS? It has a lot of benefits, for example, it has the highest level of security and you do not have large capital investments.

Explore all benefits of AWS

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“We believe nothing is impossible. We use innovation to create new opportunities. To allow things to happen which we never thought possible before! We realize this by linking together technology and the cloud

We are the new explorers, we are