Our portfolio

Discover Synadia’s portfolio of case studies and see how we think, create, build and add value.

Our work consists of projects within a wide variety of sectors. We have selected some inspiring examples for you to get familiar with what we do.

ConDoor manufacturing

ConDoor Door solutions

A stable and future proof production line that increases production rates at scale.

Beer from the cloud

Van Duijnen Horeca Service

Simplify your bar management with the ‘Dashbar’ operating system.

MedMasters Series

Nextdispensers B.V.

Innovative dispensing machines for the pharmaceutical sector.

Quality Assurance

ConDoor Door solutions

Be smart with images, track & trace the manufacturing process.

OEE dashboards

Real-time insight into machine data

Life time testing

Royal Dutch Shell

Testing the life of materials drawn through oil pipes.

Cash machine

GWK Travelex

Automatic sorting of cash notes.

The Kelvin console

Glaesum Group