From Idea to Global Scalable Solution: Empowering Your Vision with Synadia

Discover Synadia’s portfolio of case studies and see how we think, create, build and add value.

Our work consists of projects within a wide variety of sectors. We have selected some inspiring examples for you to get familiar with what we do.

ConDoor Door Solutions


Discover our use case with ConDoor Door Solutions, showcasing how our solution provided a stable foundation for connecting over 30 machines in real-time communication. Experience seamless integration for enhanced productivity.

Beer from the cloud


Explore our use case with Van Duijnen Horeca, highlighting how our solution brings unique flexibility by unifying various types of bars with dozens of different solutions into one flexible hardware and software solution.

MedMasters Series


Explore our use case with Next Dispenser, where Synadia spearheaded the entire project, developing a software & IIoT solution for medication pouch filling, ensuring precision, efficiency, and compliance.

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Cash machine


Explore our use case with GWK Travelex, where Synadia’s founder and developer collaborated to pioneer a cutting-edge software & IIoT solution for automating cash bagging. Their expertise ensured seamless integration, revolutionizing currency handling processes and enhancing efficiency. Discover how Synadia’s innovative solution optimized operations and streamlined workflows for GWK Travelex’s financial services.

Quality Assurance


Embark on our use case journey with ConDoor Door Solutions, where Synadia has pioneered a truly innovative solution. Utilizing over 30 cameras in a row, our solution captures images of end products. Through advanced machine learning algorithms, we swiftly identify manufacturing flaws, ensuring only top-quality products are dispatched to customers. This cutting-edge approach, triggering multiple cameras simultaneously based on product length, allows for seamless image stitching, delivering a comprehensive view of the product’s integrity. Witness how Synadia’s groundbreaking technology redefines quality assurance for ConDoor Door Solutions.