Synadia is a leading cloud IoT & IIoT firm known for its vast expertise spanning various industry sectors. Synadia caters to top 2000 organizations worldwide and significant scale-ups, often supported by major enterprises. Our portfolio spans diverse industries, including Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing and Hospitality.


Explore Synadia’s involvement in the pharmaceutical sector, where we actively contribute to revolutionary advancements. With a track record of developing and collaborating on innovative solutions, we drive progress in pharmaceutical research and development. From pioneering breakthroughs to fully realizing revolutionary developments, Synadia is at the forefront of shaping the future of pharmaceuticals.


Discover Synadia’s presence in the manufacturing sector, where we’ve developed various solutions. Leveraging expertise in PLCs and cloud technology, we seamlessly integrate IT and OT systems. From optimizing production processes to enhancing efficiency, our solutions bridge the gap between traditional manufacturing practices and modern technological advancements, driving innovation and productivity in the industry.


Explore Synadia’s presence in the hospitality sector, where we’ve developed various solutions tailored to streamline and optimize beverage dispensing. By integrating beverage management systems with payment systems, we enhance efficiency in beer, spirits, and soft drink dispensing. Discover how our innovative solutions revolutionize beverage service, ensuring seamless operations and customer satisfaction