About Glaesum Group

The Glaesum Group a the holding that is focussing in heat, metal and process technology. The holding covers three individual companies that each cover their own expertise. In 2019 the group decided to invest in the Kelvin TTX. A state-of-the-art console for temperature management, thermotherapy and body slimming applications.


The Kelvin TTX is completely managed from the cloud. A perfect example of a solution that is designed to scale up easily when sales increase and still be able to control and improve your product line remotely

Remi van Wijngaarden
Commercial Director Synadia

The challenge

Body slimming via temperature control is a type of therapy that already exists for quite some time. However results are usually limited. The Glaesum Group therefore invested in a solution that could improve these results by focussing on faster temperature changes at a higher paste. Synadia was asked to create a flexible software solution for the Kelvin TTX that could scale up easily if a potential rapid growth in market share would occur. 


Our approach

To understand the ConDoor’s goals and way of working, the Synadia team kicked off this project with hands-on workshops with ConDoor employees. Together we took a step back to be able to analyze the current situation. We created a clear overview of their status quo and pinpointing areas of improvement. The outcome of these sessions was used to define a long term roadmap. This roadmap focussed on technical improvements as well as project management issues that need to be handled.

The Synadia team guided ConDoor during the process of implementation, helping the ConDoor team to schedule and implement software updates in such a way that production could keep going, and downtime could be reduced. Synadia simultaneously advised on software improvements that needed to be implemented to increase the stability of the production line. To reduce the risk of downtime, a support team of specialists was set up. This team is on stand by 15 hours a day, in case any errors would occur that could impact production rates. All errors and corresponding solutions were logged, creating a knowledge base for ConDoor operators. If similar issues appear in the future, operators know exactly how to solve them.


By combining new and improved software with a more efficient innovation workflow, Synadia and ConDoor were able to create a stable, sustainable, and future proof manufacturing process. Condoor is now ready to expand its production without the risk of unplanned downtime easily.

  • Flexible operating system
  • A minimal viable product

  • Implementation of flexible optimization workflow

  • Stable and sustainable software

  • Stand-by support team

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  • 0.1 degrees wat temperature control accuracy

  • Fast changeover from hot to cold in 45 seconds

  • Easy setup and closed-loop water management

  • Achieve better results combining heating and cooling cycle

  • 4 independently controlled outputs

  • Multi functionality

  • Better body temperature control

Discover the Kelvin TTX functionalities created by Synadia

A custom app to lower production lead time

To make life easier for the ConDoor operators, Synadia also created a tailor-made track & trace app. This app runs on an android phone, which is placed in a Cognex scanner. This app helps operators smoothen the picking process by quickly locating production parts. Once the product has been traced, the operator scans the parts to keep track of stock. Every step of the process is scanned & confirmed, facing out any mistakes.

The cool thing is, this device is also connected to the actual machine! It can send and receive instructions directly to the correct station, so no additional user interactions are needed. When the operator finished the scan process at the handheld, the door is automatically send to the next station and the a new door is already on his way.

Automatic order processing with PLC software

The Synadia team equipped several machines with new programmable logic controller (PLC) software. By linking this software to the ERP system at ConDoor, orders are automatically processed without the assistance of an operator.

The main advantage is that operator costs can be reduced and different types of doors can be produced at the same time. Meaning that ConDoor can automatically process all sorts of orders via one production line.

Kelvin TTX

The Kelvin TTX had to work faster, easier and more precise. Impossible? Not for us! We changed the software to custom-made and the Kelvin TTX did what our client wanted.


What if a device’s standard software doesn’t do what you want? In that case, you immediately ask the Synadia explorers to create the impossible, custom-made software and to make the device even smarter than it already is. This is wat our client of the Kelvin TTX asked us and we made possible.



We made the Kelvin TTX custom-made and smart! The console has 0.1 degrees water temperature control accuracy, a fast changeover from hot to cold in 45 seconds and an easy setup and closed-loop water management. The specifications of the Kelvin TTX are:

  • Hot & Cold: achieve better results combining heating and cooling cycling.

  • 4 independently controlled outputs; provides different thermal treatments for multiple areas of the patient’s body simultaneously.

  • Non-vacuum soft pad solution; the Kelvin TTX avoids the use of complex tooling and offers multiple and comfortable pad design for the best performance.

  • Better body temperature control; their unique pads offer the best contact with the body.

About Kelvin TTX

Kelvin TTX is a state-of-the-art console that provides full range temperature control. It is the number one choice for patient temperature management, thermotherapy and body slimming applications.

Configuration of the Medmaster by Synadia

System configuration

In this configuration, we have efficiently re-arranged the processes and cleverly linked them to the different devices. This makes the system even more efficient and smarter.