November 5, 2019

Van Duijnen Horeca Service’s DashBar system to the AWS cloud


Van Duijnen Horeca Service has been using our knowledge and experience for many years. For this highly appreciated client we developed the DashBar system. Entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry have more control in beverage flows with DashBar. All data for efficient management of the beverage flows will be registered and monitored in a clear portal.

Why we migrated the DashBar system to the cloud

To guarantee the performance and stability of the system in the future, Van Duijnen Horeca Service opted recently for the migration of their online services to a new Amazon cloud environment. With the transition to the largest cloud platform in the world the DashBar system gets the latest standards in terms of flexibility, performance, scalability, continuity and data security.

The cloud migration; our phased approach

The old production environment and the new AWS environment remain synchronized. At the most quiet moment in the night, when there is the least data traffic, it was up to us to copy all data from the old to the new environment. From that moment on, all data traffic is redirected from the old to the new environment, between which we have built a tailor-made solution. We changed a digital link in the controller to ensure that it communicates with the new cloud environment. This transition will not be noticed by the users.

With our phased approach, there is the least chance of disturbance. This month (November), all users (hospitality entrepreneurs) of the DashBar will be individually transferred to the new environment.


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