You make component smart by adding smart sensors to it. Link this sensor to intelligent applications, and you got real-time information from anywhere in the world.

Internet of things

You probably hear a lot of these terms nowadays: smart device, smart house, intelligent factory and even a smart city. What does “smart” mean and what kind of transformation is required to get there? Exactly the ability to Sense/Analyze/Act allows our customers to become ‘smart’ or ‘intelligent’ in many areas: factories, energy, automotive, transportation, healthcare and even whole cities.


What is IoT.

IoT is a short abbreviation of “Internet of Things”, whereas a “thing” can be a heart monitor implant device, a biochip transponder device, or a complicated device such as automobile that has plenty of built-in sensors to alert the driver should something go wrong. “Internet” means that these devices are able to transfer data over a network.

As AWS partner, we integrate hardware secure to the cloud.

As an official partner of Amazon Web Services were able to deliver the highest quality what is possible in the manufacturing world. Big company’s like Volkswagen are already implementing building blocks from AWS.