We bring machines, field assets at the edge, cloud computing, analytics, and people together to improve the performance and productivity of industrial processes.

Industrial Internet of Things – IIoT

With IIoT, you, as an industrial company, can digitize processes, transform business models, and improve performance and productivity, while decreasing waste.

Collect data

Collecting data from various PLCs and sensors is key to gain real-time insight into your production process. These sensors and PLC’s are seen as a THING that sends data. This large amount of data is filtered and sent to the cloud.

Connector to cloud.

With our connector, we can connect almost any protocol and sensor to the cloud. As an official partner of AWS, we are continually up to date with the latest protocols.

Real-time insights.

With real-time dashboards, you get an overview of what is relevant for you and your process. Because our dashboards are cloud-based, they are visualized anywhere were an internet browser is available.

Motor 1 performance 70%
Motor 2 performance 95%
Motor 3 performance 59%
Motor 4 performance 85%

Reduce downtime and plan maintenance

By adding extra digital eyes and hands to your machine, we start monitoring your solution 24/7. When something else happing, than usually, we send you a notification, and with real-time dashboards, you can see the actual state.

Plan your maintenance before your machine breaks down and reduce your downtime and safe costs.

1. Collect

Collect real-time data from sensors & PLC’s.

  • Collect data from devices

2. Proces local

Buffer all data locally en send only relevant data to the cloud.

  • Offline functionality

3. Cloud store

Your data is stored safely in the cloud, ready for analysing.

  • Store data safe & secure

4. Full control

Predictive maintenance, dashboards, notifications whatever we need to do with all the collected data, we can do.

  • Cloud dashboards

How connect machines to our Smart-Factory?

As AWS partner, we integrate factories secure to the cloud.

As an official partner of Amazon Web Services were able to deliver the highest quality what is possible in the manufacturing world. Big company’s like Volkswagen are already implementing building blocks from AWS.

Why connect your machinepark to the #cloud?

Improve security levels

Cloud security is a top priority at Synadia. Together with our partner Amazon Web Services, we guarantee you the best level of security available. As an AWS customer, you benefit from a data center and network architecture built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations.

Innovate faster

Nothing is carved in stone anymore, which means that new innovations can smoothly be integrated into your existing business. Small blocks of software that can easily be extended and optimized with new features. Features that already have been tested for thousands of hours in productions and that are available exclusively for AWS customers.

Predict maintenance

Predictive maintenance is based on large amounts of data. An extensive amount of computing capacity is required to create smart algorithms that recognize patterns in order to ultimately determine whether a motor breaks or not. In the cloud, we can deploy an extra server for extra capacity with the touch of a button. Once we are ready, we automatically shut down this server to save costs.

Datadriven monitoring & optimisation

Logging will help you gain insights that can be used to optimize your production rates. By gathering and analyzing the available data in a specified time or date slot, you will understand the reason behind the errors or downtime. All this can be done without programming, including machine learning.