July 30, 2019

5 reasons your data is safe in the cloud


With cloud storage your data is stored in third-party data centers. For many companies, we make that possible! But the most frequently asked question to us is if it is safe to transfer all the data to the cloud. We give you five reasons why it is absolutely safe.

  • 1.Your data is very well protected
    You can only access your data in the cloud with special access rights, so your data is protected from burglars and disgruntled employees who might otherwise cause problems. Additionally, one disaster can’t wipe out your cloud and on-premise data all at once.

  • 2.Your data in the cloud is absolutely private
    Even in the public cloud data is encrypted. That means that your data in the cloud is absolutely private. Something many companies concern about and prevent them from shifting to the cloud. Your business’s data can only be accessed by you.

  • 3.Less errors because of the cloud provider
    When you bring your data to the cloud, u also use the benefits and expertise of a cloud provider. For example small businesses do not always have an IT professional. In most cases, these people do not have enough knowledge of cyber security and cloud solutions. So say goodbye to the errors!

  • 4.Frequent security audits are taken care of
    It is not easy for companies to afford proper security audits. Some businesses may never do security audits and others may only be able to afford them every five years. A cloud provider do these frequently.

  • 5.Hardware and software stay up-to-date
    Keeping up with updates can be hard and requires a lot of discipline. A cloud provider will keep your environment up to date. Be aware; having different machines running different versions, can cause security gaps.


Secure cloud solutions of AWS

Amazon Web Services has been architected to be the most flexible and secure cloud computing environment available today. As AWS Select Consulting partner we bring your data to the most secure AWS Cloud.

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