January 8, 2021

How Overall Equipment Effectiveness can help you improve your production process


Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) is the standard for measuring the productivity of production processes.

Your production process can systematically improve by adding smart sensors in your factory or gathering data from existing machines. Measuring your OEE helps identify losses and improvements in your approach.

Discover our autopilot algorithms

Did you know that the autopilot for cars makes more reliable choice while driving than a human ever could do? The autopilot acts on much more information than a human could process and is therefore a convenient and save option.

Before you can entirely rely on the autopilot, you need to have a vehicle with transparent windows. This way, you can see what is happening in front of your car and, if needed, take action yourself by pressing the brake or gas padel.

Autopilots are not only available for cars. This technique is of course also relevant for manufacturers. When we know exactly what the efficiency is off your machines and know what’s coming next, we can implement the autopilot technique. Based on your current production insights, we tell you whether you are running behind or ahead of the production schedule you forecaste.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) = Availability x Performance x Quality


Availability ratio

The ratio between the actual and planned duration time.


Performance ratio

The ratio between the maximum performance number and the actual number of units produced.


Quality ratio

The ratio between the amount of units produced that meet you quality requirements and the total units produced.

The result should not be compared with 100%, but with other similar productions.

Curious how OEE can help optimise your production-rates?

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Anomaly detection

When something in your production process behaves different than usual, it impacts your production rates. Something you would ofcourse like to be informed about right away, so you prevent a huge impact on results.

Through anomaly detection we detect these divergent results automatically. Machine learning algorithms are constantly analyzing the latest data streams and are self-learning. This way, our anomaly detection is continually improving by learning from the past; becoming more efficient and smart every day!

With these machine algorithms, we tell you what is coming next before your process stops producing. This helps you to plan maintenance exactly when it is required and reduce downtime significantly.

Realtime insights via the Smart-Factory platform

Compare and analyze data from the past months and years. Our Smart-Factory platform (MES) collects data from various machines and other databases. This enables us to display real-time information at your desk or anywhere in the world. Our solution is easy to implement as we do not touch the existing PLC software. We collect relevant data by adding extra sensors to your machine. Making it possible to have your manufacturing platform up to speed before you know it.

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