October 7, 2019

More efficient profile machine with custom-made Synadia solution


How do you ensure that a profile machine works as efficient as possible? That an operator knows the exact workload each day and how much more the machine can handle? We made this possible for ConDoor Door Components by building a custom-made cloud solution, clear and user-friendly.

ConDoor Door Components and their profile machine

ConDoor Door Solutions has been developing and manufacturing doors with its own patented hardware sets for many years. These sets are known for their quality, durability, and ease of installation. ConDoor Door Components is an innovative partner for hardware sets, but they also deliver separate parts in small or large quantities. They produce these hardware sets not only for their doors but also for competitive companies. Because of the differentiation of the doors, every component should have different drill holes. These drill holes will be realized by a profile machine.

ConDoor Door Components Synadia

The operation of the profile machine

The ordering system of ConDoor Components collects the information for the profile machine. Via an AWS cloud connection, this data will be transferred to the cloud and connects it to the machine. With the information from the cloud the machine knows what needs to be done.

ConDoor Door Components Synadia

User-friendly and clear portal

At ConDoor Components, an operator monitors the process. The different batches (the workload of one day) will be scheduled from the office via their sales portal and the operator monitors whether the machine works as optimally and efficient as possible. An operator needs to see all relevant information at a glance. That is why our team developed a clear and user-friendly portal in which the operator can keep track of it perfectly.


We achieved the best optimal use of the machine and the most efficient process possible through a perfect combination of AWS Cloud, the right PLC connection and front-end portal.

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