June 28, 2019

Synadia wins AWS Partner Innovation Award 2019


The fourth edition of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Benelux Partner Summit took place on Tuesday 27 June in The Hague. An annual day for AWS partners, like us. With interesting lectures, break-out sessions, networking moments. Some of the Synadia explorers were present and became very surprised at the end of the day…

AWS partner awards

At the end of this inspiring day the AWS awards were presented. One of the awards is related to innovation and we were selected to provide AWS with our most innovative customer solution. Ofcourse we were very honored and have submitted one of our innovative cases. AWS asked us to clearly describe the scenario, why the solution was innovative and we had to highlight the key characteristics of the solution and which AWS services were involved.

And the winner is;


We were very honored and surprised to win the award and partly by our strong competition, we did not expect that we would get this huge compliment.

The innovative solution

For ConDoor Door Solutions we are developing a new standard in cloud adoption for manufacturing, to reach the desired productivity improvements; Smart Factory 2.0. The core functionality of Smart Factory is based on IoT resources and a serverless cloud infrastructure and the most impressive part of this solution is that the entire solution is designed to be serverless. Last week, we have delivered the first module; Quality Assurance.


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