May 9, 2019

Serverless Conversions


Synadia proudly states that it can enable and support its customers to convert monolith software into serverless applications which can operate without the need for traditional virtual infrastructure like server instances, that form web or database clusters that live in virtual networks.

Most of our customers are used to the idea that an application is the smallest unit of scale, and that to scale out it is necessary to deploy more instances that host these applications. At Synadia we can break applications down into functions (microservices), develop them in a way so that it is possible to scale them up independently while at the same time making sure that all functions keep operating as one application!

We develop code which makes our customers unique, makes them stand out and lets them be competitive on a market that moves with insane velocity nowadays. To deliver faster and give our customers the functionality their application needs we use standard and ready-to-use building blocks from AWS: backend & frontend services, identity management and authorization, storage and archiving, messaging and notifications, content delivery network, monitoring and many more.

The unique code is stored in the cloud as .zip file which can be written in multiple languages (Java, Go, PowerShell, Node.js, C#, Python, and Ruby). Only when needed the code is extracted and executed, and, you only pay for what you use. If the code is not used you only pay for the space occupied by the .zip file on simple storage.

However the core motivation to convert to serverless is not the cost, it is flexibility, innovation and ease of operations:

  • Ability to deploy new features (functions) independently and with very limited risk (only deployed function is subject to downtime).

  • Ability to scale  features (functions) under heavy load automatically.

  • No more need to spend time patching server instances!

  • Reduce security liability and efforts by using AWS services (building blocks).

Another intriguing fact about serverless – the fully functional end application is just a set of files (templates with the code) that can be copied and kept safe (let’s say on your flash drive) or used to re-deploy in a completely different geographical region within minutes by AWS Codepipeline.

To summarize, the serverless approach eliminates infrastructure, server and cluster provisioning, patching, operating system maintenance, capacity planning and control; customers can just run and scale their by default highly available applications whenever they want.

At the end of the conversion, customers may stay in full control of their serverless application in AWS cloud and use Synadia as an advisor, or, if required, may take further advantage of our service offerings and opt for:

  • “Managed Cloud Applications”, where Synadia will fully manage and further develop the application, and

  • “24×7 Operational Support”.


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