July 25, 2019

The IoT challenge of intern Dimitry


How can we realize the measurement of volume and temperature of a beer tank and bring it to the cloud? Nice question for a traineeship and Dimitry was the lucky one to work on this challenge!

Synadia automated parts of a bar system. Even though the system works well, some challenges remain. Such as more reduction in costs, an automatic and more reported meter for the beer stock and an automatic connection to the cash register.

To realize this system, two IoT devices need to be developed. The first device will control the bar. It will read the flow meters and tap-control found in the bar. With the gathered data, it will control the valves, thus regulating the issuing of drinks. The second device will measure the liquid levels in the beer tanks. This data will be sent to suppliers to ensure in-time delivery of stocks.

IoT challenge

The big challenge in this project was that the beer tank is made of metal. That means that signals do not get through this material easily. That’s why Dimitry has written a wireless protocol to transport a signal through the tank based on ultrasoon receivers. A sensor is placed in the tank that receives the signal. In the tank, the sensor, sends a signal periodically and all the information will be collected in the cloud.

IoT at Synadia

You probably hear a lot of these terms nowadays: smart device, smart house, intelligent factory and even a smart city. What does “smart” mean and what kind of transformation is required to get there? Exactly the ability to Sense/Analyze/Act allows our customers to become ‘smart’ or ‘intelligent’ in many areas: factories, energy, automotive, transportation, healthcare and even whole cities. More about our IoT solution.

Internship at Synadia

If you like challenge, independence and want to experience what it is like to work in a young company? Then an internship at Synadia is perfect for you. Dimity succeeded! Are you the next one? Read more about working at Synadia.


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